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    Getting the most out of the Ways We Witch Summit

    Getting the most out of the Ways We Witch Summit

    It is an absolute honor to have been asked to speak at this gathering of community.  I see it as a 3 day retreat that you get to do from the comfort of your own home.  It is also an opportunity to get all this information, that will be available to you for life (which really shows the organizers dedication) for only $97 - and you can then share it with your friends and get your money back from sharing.  If you have a lot of friends you can even make money sharing something you love that will be of value to them.

    First, to get the most out of the weekend, since it is a retreat, plan to be in attendance - as though you traveled there for it. If you can't take off work Friday, that's ok, it is recorded.  Friday will be more "bonus material" that you will have access to for life.  

    Another way to get the most from the summit is to get a retreat buddy. Find a like minded friend who would love to soak in this information with you and invite them to do it with you.  This works even if you friend lives across the country (or the world!)  Set up chat sessions to connect between speakers and discuss what you have learned.  Plan meal breaks together to share what resonates with you.  Retreat friends are friends for life and with lifetime access to the information as well as the bonus information there will be plenty for you to unpack together and you can even set up monthly get togethers - on the phone or in person - to continue your journey into this library of knowledge.

    Use the speaker schedule to plan your day.  If there is a talk or a particular speaker that you want to be sure to catch - it is important to know when they go on.  Here is the schedule 



    (I am live Friday at Noon ~ Vero)

    Finally, be sure you wear comfortable clothes - it is a retreat after all!  And allow your environment to peaceful so that you can relax into this information.  Check your internet service before getting started and make sure you can get streaming content  I usually open a heavy traffic cable news site to check my connection (then get off quickly, lol).  Checking the connection is important because there is nothing worse than being ready to dive in and having technical difficulty.  Pre-pave for a successful and enjoyable experience.

    See you there!

    Vero Bero is the owner and founder of Sacred Crystals, a community crystal shop in St. Petersburg, FL.  She will be speaking at the Ways We Witch Summit on Conjuring Your Best Life using Manifesting and the Law of Attraction.  She also recorded a bonus talk entitled "I bought a pretty rock - now what? Using crystals in everyday magic" that will be available to all attending the Summit. 

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