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    Make Shift Happen: Embracing the Power of Positive Transformation

    Make Shift Happen: Embracing the Power of Positive Transformation

    Life is a journey, and sometimes the path to true transformation starts as a rocky road that smooths out with a shift to positive perspectives and faith found that was always there, just out of sight for a moment. My journey to where I stand today has been shaped by invaluable lessons, faith in myself found coming out of the mud like a lotus flower and a reset of my mindset to one rooted in love and optimism.  Here are some things I did to transcend my past and move forward into a new paradigm of what is is to be the being that is me:

    Seeing Beyond the Present 

    It's so easy to get caught in the net of the 'now', but the beauty lies in transcending the current moment and envisioning what can be.  Basically, as one of my great teachers has said, "what is" is not important.  What's important is focusing on what you want to be.  Dream it and it will be!  Just last year, I penned down a business plan, detailing my aspirations and visions. I got into it!  I filled that plan with so much love and detail that I was floating on a cloud by the time it was finished.  And so mote it be!  It was as good as done in my mind.  I then set it aside and continued with life, only to realize now, a year later, that every dream on that paper had manifested into reality. The magic? Focusing on the possibilities rather than getting bogged down by the 'what is'.

    Finding the Good in Everyone 

    Next I started living from a place of love for all.  I have been in this place before and when I was there, I was most satisfied.  How I got away from seeing the good in everyone doesn't matter.  What matters is I do now.  (Never beat yourself up! It's counter productive.)  I realize human beings are intricate tapestries of emotions, experiences, and intentions. Over the past year, I've again cultivated a practice of seeking the good in everyone I meet. Why? Because where our focus goes, energy flows. When we zero in on the positives, we unconsciously invite more of those vibes into our lives.  We get what we expect - so why not expect the best.

    Living 'As If' 

    'Living as if' is not about pretense. It's about embodying the energy of what we desire before it manifests. I embraced the essence of abundance, and like a ripple in the water, abundance flowed my way. I nurtured the feelings of love and commitment, and love found me. This principle even applied to my relationship with my teenage daughter. By celebrating her strengths and how well she's navigating teenage life, I've witnessed her flourish and thrive.  Always remember, everything is always working out FOR you - even when it seems like it is not, it is.

    The Gift of Trust and Self-Love 

    Perhaps the most transformative lesson has been re-learning trust, especially in myself. Trusting in the universe, in people, and most importantly, in the journey itself. Hand in hand with trust is self-love, a love that mirrors the unconditional affection my higher self showers on me. When we align with this divine love, a potent alignment occurs. An alignment with the source, the universe, infinite energy.

    In this alignment, there's a profound truth: There's nothing beyond our reach. Every dream, desire, and aspiration is attainable. It's all about mindset, focus, and an unwavering belief in the magic of universe.  I am living proof.

    Remember, we're all capable of making shift happen. Embrace the journey, trust the process, and watch the universe unfold just for you.

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