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    Monthly New Moon ~ June 2022

    Monthly New Moon ~ June 2022 - Sacred Crystals

    Monthly edition of Sacred Crystals New Moon report June 2022

    New Moon in Cancer


    A New Moon night is the darkest night in the Moon Cycle, and the Moons energy level is at its lowest, thus resulting in us possibly feeling fatigued or drained. 

    In the New Moon Phase you might feel like not trying to control your emotions, just letting them ride out. But do remember, this is a time to start fresh.

    Like the Full Moon, a New Moon also has great meditations, rituals, ceremonies and spiritual practices. 

    New Moon is a great time for setting your intention, planning your growth, and revisiting your life goals.

    New Moons are also great for Shadow Work and getting to know your Subconscious and Unconscious a little bit better. 

    It is a great time to create a positive space for underlying issues by being honest with yourself and having forgiveness in your heart. 

    Work through negative traits, bad habits, and weaknesses during this time, but ensure you are completing this work from a space of love.

    This months Moon is in Cancer, making people more emotional and vulnerable, Cancer Zodiac is a water element that is naturally controlled by the moon.

    Rituals and Ceremonies for a New Moon in Cancer may include, but not limited to:


    Creating a new vision board

    Setting intentions

    Envision the life you want

    Connecting with your emotions

    Candle Work or Candle Meditation

    Putting down the electronics

    Oracle Cards or Tarot readings

    Making New Moon Water

    Working with Crystals and Crystal Grids

    Journal work

    Planting seeds or new plants to signify new growth

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