Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone

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Rose Quartz Stone Meaning


Emotional Healing

Nurturing Love

The Mother Stone

Chakra - Heart


Rose quartz is a stone of gentle, steadfast love.  She is a nurturing stone and often nurtures us with a mother’s love.  She reminds us to remember our self care routines because we are as important as all of the others we make time to care for.  She fills the high heart chakra with compassion and pushes out negativity. Rose Quartz loves you and will not let you speak to yourself with less than light words or thoughts.  She brings a sense of calm to your energy field.  She is the stone of self love and healing.  She also reminds us that the only path to True Love is to start with Love of Self.


She is a member of the Quartz family.  Her beautiful pale pink hue comes from the inclusion of hair like fiber minerals that are submicroscopic - aka very small!  She never forms into a crystal point, Pink Quartz points are simply called Pink Quartz and may have some similar energies, but are not quite the same.


Many times I have heard that women were prescribed Rose Quartz for finding love.  (Yes, crystals can be “prescribed” as a medicine by a medicine woman or shaman for both physical and emotional balancing.) Though this prescription is not exactly accurate, it is usually what the woman who was prescribed Rose Quartz actually needs  - self love and nurturing - to eventually get the result she wants - a passionate romance.


Mama Rose Quartz is often a stone prescribed for love.  Which is true, she does love alright! However, her love is a nurturing mother’s love.  She holds you in her grace and reminds you to LOVE yourself.  Women are often attracted to the pale pink high heart chakra vibrations of Mama Rose - and when I tell them that they are attracted to her because they most likely take care of everyone else and neglect themselves they immediately think I am psychic!  I quickly tell them I am not - at least no more so than everyone is - that is simply what being attracted to Rose Quartz says about them.


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