Selenite Tumbled Stone

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Divine Connection

Chakra Alignment

Chakra - Crown and Higher



as felt by Vero


Selenite, to me, is one of the most important stones to have in your collection.  Selenite is a cleansing stone that never needs to be cleansed.  She is constantly pulling in all less than light energy and transmuting it to the divine.  She never stops working, even when the area is clear she sits and waits and clears any negative energy that comes into her path.   She works closely with Archangel Michael who is often said to “vacuum negative energy” from the aura when called to.  I believe that Michael’s powerful sword is forged with a selenite blade.   


This intense and constant cleansing makes selenite a welcome companion during meditations and healings.  In meditation she is constantly cleansing, thus cleansing the chakras.  When the chakras are cleansed, they align.  And when they align you are better able to connect with the divine.  In healing all too often chakras are blocked with past trauma.  Selenite aides the healer in removing those blocks so that there is space for the healing to begin.


Though Selenite is constantly cleansing, she doesn’t need to be cleaned - in fact, please don’t try to clean her - especially with water or salt.  She is delicate and her gypsum mineral base is actually water soluble.  She is soft as minerals go and salt would damage her.  Her crystal structure is thousands of tiny hair-like crystals all growing together as one, thus she may shed a bit.  And she will pick up oils from your hands or ash, etc. from ceremonies your have her participate in and she is still “clean” and cleansing all the same.  Even if her appearance is not quite as white from use, she is still beautiful selenite and she is working.


Selenite Grows in what I call logs, long rectangular crystals, and takes her name from the Ancient Greek word for Moon - as she is pearly white with a glow about her.  Some of the largest Crystals ever found have been Selenite.  The Naica Mine in Mexico is home to crystals so large they make  people look like ants.  Further proof of the immense energy generated by crystals is the protective suits geologists had to wear to study this mine.  The temperatures in the mine reached 136℉ and due to health concerns the mine was closed in 2015.  It was then flooded and the Selenite was allowed to continue to grow. 


Selenite is water soluble and should never be left on an outdoor altar or in a humid bathroom, however She will grow in water if the conditions are right.  She needs steady heat and a magma source to provide the right combination for growth.


A note on buying crystals online...

Know that we understand how difficult it can be to choose a stone without feeling it.  When you order from the Sacred Crystals know that your crystals will be selected by one of our intuitive crystal oracles.  Vero trusts that the crystals know where they belong and will find their way - trust that the right crystal will find you if you were called to order from our online store.

We are honored that you have chosen Sacred Crystals as your online Crystal supplier and we hope that you will trust in Spirit, the Universe and/or All that Is that you will receive exactly the stone that is meant for you. Know that your crystal has gone to great lengths and traveled far to be with you. The purpose of this connection is now up to you to discover.

*These stones vary slightly as no two stones are exactly the same. Though all are approximately the same dimensions and look very similar to the stones pictured, we cannot guarantee you will receive one of the EXACT stones pictured.

You will receive ONE (1) stone, hand selected by a Crystal Oracle with love and intuition.



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