Sunstone Stackable Bracelet

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5.00 Ounces

Product Description

Sunstone is a stone of joy that brings out our good nature. She assists us in having a good sense of humor and an even temper.

She is a stone to eliminate discrimination and is said to help us lift depression through her joyous energy.

She is a stone to bring in motivation! hold her and look up with your chin skyward and KNOW you can do anything!

Sunstone has a bright and cheery - sunny - disposition.  She encourages us to see the bright side of life and live in the present.  This is beneficial for the art of allowing, helping us to stay in that space of appreciation and gratitude to allow the life we are manifesting in our vortex to materialize.

She is a great stone for leaders who wish to lead from the heart and create a thriving business based on mutual respect and appreciation.  She teaches and encourages benevolence - we get what we give - so let's give all we have!  She is a great stone for an office environment as she will encourage a happy well rounded team that works together and appreciates each others gifts.  

As a parenting energetic helper she can help us to remember not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy the moments as the magical times that they are.  Children grow up fast and the more we focus on creating fond memories the more fond memories we will be able to cherish when that time for remembrance comes.

She is a stone for the non profit founder, the philanthropist, and those who give of their energy to others.  By doing so with joy and appreciation for the ability we have to give these gifts we are always able to give more and more and never be drained of anything - time, money or energy.


Chakra - Sacral, Solar Plexus


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