Angel Aura Tumbled Stone

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Angel Aura Quartz


Deep Healing

Spiritual Attunement


Chakras - Aligns all, though primarily Crown and Soul Star


Angel Aura is a beautiful shimmery white quartz with a slight rainbow metallic sheen to it.  Though Mother Nature is responsible for many feats of incredible beauty - Angel Aura is not one of them.  Angel Aura is man made.  However the ingredients are quartz crystals and the precious metal, platinum, so the combination, though not found in nature, is powerful and worthy of your collection.


Angel Aura is created when a Quartz Crystal is placed in a vacuum chamber with a piece of platinum.  The vacuum chamber is then heated until the platinum melts and becomes a liquid and then a gas. In its gaseous state, the platinum bonds to the only other thing in the chamber which is the quartz (the heat does not affect the quartz other than the occasional internal fracture).


This combination of platinum and quartz gives the user the properties of both the metal and the stone.  Platinum is a metal that connects us to spirit.  It aligns our chakras and connects to the upper chakras, from Crown to Great Central Sun.  Quartz is the Master Healer, an Amplifier of all he comes in contact with, and is also an upper Chakra stone, though he works well with all.  This makes Angel Aura Quartz a powerful physical and spiritual healing crystal.


Angel Aura exudes positive energy and can help one find joy in life.  This is due to the energy she brings that attunes one to finding their spiritual purpose.  She may not answer the question - What is the meaning of Life? - but she can help one to find ones calling in it. 


She connects to the realm of the ancestors and the ascended masters and is thus filled with knowledge that we mere humans simply cannot know.  By working with her, though, she can give us glimpses of that which we are too human to comprehend and even open us to abilities we did not know we had - psychic or intuitive gifts, even mediumship. 


Angel Aura connects us to our soul family, and helps us to recognize those who have been with us multiple lifetimes and can even help us to understand those relationships.


Finally, Angel Aura Quartz is known to cleanse the auric field or energy body, bringing with it a tranquility and steadiness of soul from which thoughtful and powerful decisions can be made.


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