Eggshell Powder 1oz

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Vero's Sacred Herbs are all ethically sourced. Each bag is assembled with intention. It is our wish to bring you the highest quality products for your sacred work and that these products serve you to your highest good and greatest essence. 

Our Herbs are intended and sold for Magical, Metaphysical and Energetic purposes only.  

Eggshell Powder for Protection, Transformation & Growth 

Crushed by Hand & Pestle

Crushed eggshells, revered in metaphysical practices, serve as a powerful symbol of protection and purification. Traditionally seen as the protective barrier for the life and transformation housed within an egg, these shells can be used in magick spells to form a similar barrier against negative energies. When ground into a fine powder, they can be utilized to make protective chalk for spiritual and physical boundaries. Additionally, crushed eggshells enrich garden soil with calcium, promoting the health and growth of plants. This dual use makes them a valuable component in both spiritual rituals and practical horticulture.

In metaphysical and magical traditions, eggshell powder is often referred to as "Cascarilla." Cascarilla is commonly used for protection, purification, and cleansing rituals. It is believed to create a protective barrier against negative energies when sprinkled around a space or added to ritual mixtures.

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