Hematite Stackable Bracelet

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Balance in Self


Practical Creation

Solar Plexus Chakra

Hematite is a tricky stone as his coloring does not match his assigned chakra.  He is a Solar Plexus stone and a guardian of trusting your gut instincts.  He is the most important ore of iron, followed closely by Magnetite. (Magnetite is the only naturally magnetic stone. When magnetite is found with hematite, the hematite can be magnetized. Hematite is not naturally magnetic.) I call him the Crystal form of Iron, and he is a very close relative to the cast iron skillets our fore mothers used.

He is mined primarily to be made into iron, and then from there made into steel.  Without him life as we know it would not be.  Can you imagine the industrial revolution without steel?

Luckily he is abundant.  In fact he is also abundant on our neighboring planet, Mars.  He can be red to reddish brown to black to grey to silver, but his common trait is that when in the raw state he will leave a red streak on what geologist call a streak plate - kind of like a paper that you write on with stones.  And it doesn’t matter what color he is, the streak is always red.  He is why our neighbor Mars is called “The Red Planet.”

His relationship with man goes back far before the advent of steel.  In fact he was used as a pigment, similar to Lapis Lazuli, only his pigment is, of course, red, and has been used by man for 40,000 years* - that’s the Mid Stone Age.  Hematite is from the Latin word for Blood Stone,  but has no relationship with the modern day Jasper called Blood Stone.

Working in the Solar Plexus, the center for our instincts and our will, hematite can create balance where what we know and what we want are in conflict.  This balance can easy anxiety and bring calm to the body mind and spirit, encouraging a transformation to the whole, healthy individual.

Hematite is especially useful in relationships, helping to add stability and improve the overall quality of the relationship.  This is another result of balancing what is with is wanted and finding middle ground.  

Finally, as a stone of the sacred masculine living in the solar plexus, he takes practical action.

Add him to your crystal grids and potions when things need to get done - with no nonsense.  He will bring powerful action to the table with no fuss.



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