Solar Shamanite Rough Palm Stone

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Description: Discover the captivating energy of our Honey Zebra Calcite, affectionately known as Solar Shamanite. This striking banded calcite, treasured by collectors, features rare Black Calcite bands that enhance its allure. Each rough stone are varying in weight, size & shape.

Solar Shamanite is a vibrant energy stone, renowned for its ability to assist with transitions and changes, much like a wise shaman guiding you through life's transformations. Its dynamic energy helps to clarify desires and enhance communication, making it an ideal companion for those seeking to improve their intellect and memory.

This extraordinary stone not only aids in mental clarity but also grounds ambition into action, providing the stability needed to pursue your goals with confidence. Embrace the power of Solar Shamanite and let its radiant energy support you on your journey towards personal growth and transformation.

Key Benefits:

  • Aids in navigating changes and transitions
  • Enhances intellect and memory
  • Clarifies desires and improves communication
  • Grounds ambition into actionable steps


  • Approximate size: 5" square (plus or minus)
  • Listed by weight

Experience the transformative power of Honey Zebra Calcite and let Solar Shamanite illuminate your path to personal and spiritual growth.