Lepidolite Pendulum - 6 sided point

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While a Pendulum is technically any weight on a string, we in the Metaphysical community often have a collection of them - some in gemstones and some in wood or metals.  Sometimes we choose them specifically for the energy we feel from the stone, and sometimes we choose them just because we are called to them. 

Pendulums are utalized as a tool to ask questions of the Universe.  Pendulums have been known to give you yes and no answers to facts that are known to the universe.  For more information on how to use Pendulums watch the video below.


Guides during transition

Calms the mind

An aide for those whose minds are challenged

Chakra - Third Eye

Lepidolite is a special gentle stone that has a nurturing nature and may be a good choice as a gift for a health care provider or a mental health care provider.  Her energy is that of a nurturer, beyond the love of a mother but a nurturer of all souls - a universal unconditional love that nurtures those she comes into contact with.  

She is an assistant to us in calming our overactive minds and can be especially helpful to those who have been told their mind is out of order.   

She is known as the peace stone, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to those she connects with and is sometimes called the grandmother stone for her loving nature and her natural nurturing state.

Lepidolite is also a wonderful stone for crown chakra work and can also be useful in easing the anxiety associated with overthinking.  She guides during transitions assisting in creating a smooth movement from one phase of life to another.

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