Malachite Ring Size 9 "Going Batty"

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Natural Green Malachite

A Stone that creates fidelity among people and is good for group work. It can be helpful in childbirth and other transitions, creating energetic symmetry for ease. And is a source for creating heart centered abundance.

Chakra - Sacral, Heart

Malachite is an ancient crystal that, though found in a few parts of the world, is primarily sourced in Africa.  Once upon a time she was prominent in Russia - so much so that tons of her were used to decorate the palaces of Russian Czars.  She is often found near copper veins, her color being the same green as the patina on a copper rooftop.  Alchemically, she can be smelted to be copper - as was done on the Isle of Britain some 3,000 years ago*.  She grows deep in the Earth, filling caverns, fed by the deep Earth’s hydrothermal energy.

Her energy is one of flow - as one can see by looking at her magical wavy bands, she helps us to flow in our present situation.  She is also very connected to the energy of copper, which makes her especially good for helping too flow spiritual energy from one to another.  She is often prescribed to mothers-to-be as a stone to have near during childbirth as her energy helps to facilitate that natural flow both in the birth process and between mother and child.    

She is a heart chakra stone and, as all heart chakra stones, she carries an incredible healing power.  Her healing powers are transformative - so when called to her stay open to the flow and know that things are going to change.



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