Moldavite - 3.189g

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Sacred Crystals Presents:
Exclusive Moldavite Collection - The Cosmic Catalyst

Discover the transformative power of Moldavite, a very rare and precious tektite, cherished as the stone of rapid spiritual evolution. Formed approximately 15 million years ago by the intense heat of a meteorite impact in the Czech Republic, Moldavite is a talisman of the heavens that has graced Earth with its otherworldly presence.


  • Origin Story: Each Moldavite piece in our collection is a survivor of celestial forces, embodying the intense energy from the cosmic event that birthed it.

  • The Holy Grail Stone: Often referred to as the 'Changer World,' Moldavite is known for its ability to accelerate one's path to spiritual awakening and earthly transformation.

  • Unique Selection: We offer four exclusive pieces, each with its own distinct shape, texture, and ethereal green hue, making them not just gemstones but individual works of natural art.

Spiritual Significance:

  • Chakra Connection: Moldavite resonates with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, facilitating a powerful synergy of earthly and cosmic vibrations within.

  • Transformational Energy: This stone is celebrated for bringing about positive life changes, aligning earthly experiences with the power of cosmic spiritual development.

Ideal For:

  • Collectors of rare gemstones
  • Spiritual practitioners seeking profound growth
  • Anyone looking to invite cosmic energy into their life journey

Care and Keeping:

  • Handle with reverence and care, considering the stone's journey through time and space.
  • Store separately to protect its delicate structure from being scratched by harder stones.

Each piece of our Moldavite collection is a celestial messenger, waiting to connect with the right guardian. Embrace the change and cosmic wisdom it offers.