Organic Whole Hawthorn Berries - .5 oz

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 We sell Herbs for Magical, Metaphysical and Energetic purposes only.  

 Vero's Sacred Herbs are all ethically sourced. Each bag is assembled with intention. It is our wish to bring you the highest quality products for your sacred work and that these products serve you to your highest good and greatest essence.

Botanical Name: Crataegus monogyna 

Common Names: May flower, Quickthorn, Whitehorn, Hagthorn

Magical Properties: Protection from dark magic, Hope, Emotional healing, Fertility, Wards off evil


Crataegus is a thorny shrub or tree with stems and trunks that consist of hard wood and gray bark, often having tri-lobed leaves and white flowers that are similar to other genera in the Rosaceae family 

Hawthorn has been used since the Middle ages, with some accounts going back as far as the first century. Considered to be a particularly symbolic tree with many folktales and magical myths surrounding it, hawthorn was considered "sacred tree medicine" to ancient Druids, and was said to house fairies, specifically when growing with oak and ash trees. Hawthorn twigs and flowers were incorperated in the marriage wreath, symbolizing chastity and prosperity at Greek weddings and were also used to adorn alters that worshipped the goddess if marriage, Hymen.

In Ireland, couples desiring hawthorns blessing would dance around it ceremoniously at their weddings. 

The sprigs would be tied to newborns cradles to protect them and ward off evil, and they were also used to decorate maypoles for the May Day or Beltane ceremony (which celebrates fertility and renewal)



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