Pyrite Destiny Tower

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Pyrite Tower


Shields from Negativity

Business Success

Rock That Strikes Fire

Chakra - Solar Plexus

As felt by Vero

Pyrite, sometimes called Iron Pyrite (or Iron Sulfide, because that is what it is - Fe S2), has a crystal structure, yet is often thought of more as a metal.  He grows in perfect cubes and often looks so perfect we doubt Mother Nature, yet she did it!  When left alone a single pyrite crystal grows in a perfect square.  Often we don’t see this because many pyrite crystals begin to grow and grow together as a clump of pyrite crystals, however in the Victoria Mine in Spain, we are treated to Mother Nature’s perfection and glory.

He gets his name Pyrite, from the Greek, Pyros, meaning “Fire”.  He is known as “The Rock That Strikes Fire” because when struck with steel and other ores he will spark. Many of us are familiar with Flint as a native fire starter and Pyrite can be used in a similar way.

He was nicknamed “Fool’s Gold” during the US Western Expansion, as many a novice prospector would think they had hit the mother load only to find out at the exchange office that they had found Iron Pyrite, not the precious ore of Gold they were so proud of.

And though the novice prospectors may have been fools, Pyrite is definitely not.   Pyrite is a stone of confidence.  His energy vibrates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of our manifesting temple, telling us to follow our gut instincts and create this world we live in as we truly want it to be.  He acts as a shield against negativity.  He can help one to be assertive in getting what they want, making him especially valuable as an Ally in business.  

Finally, his confidence is so powerful that he not only can fill the Solar Plexus chakra with his vibrant, self assured energy,  he can also fill the entire auric field, mending other parts of it connected to other chakras, that might have been weak or torn and leaking valuable prana.



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