Rainbow Moonstone Ring Size 8 - "Ouija”

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A planchette is a small, typically heart-shaped board with two or three small legs, which is used in conjunction with a ouija board or spirit board. The planchette is believed to move and spell out messages from spirits or subconscious thoughts of the participants. It often has a hole or a clear window in the center, allowing letters or symbols on the board to be viewed. The term "planchette" is derived from the French word for "little board." It is used primarily in spiritualism and paranormal activities.

Rainbow Moonstone

THE Stone of the Sacred Feminine. She connects us to the energy of female cycles and the moon and can be used energetically to ease discomfort during a woman’s moon cycle bleeding.

Meditation with Rainbow Moonstone flows white light healing rays throughout the aura, representing purity and harmony integration as well as a soul star connection to spirit. This brings increased intuition and psychic awareness.

Chakra - Heart




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