Eternal Tranquility Dreamcatcher with Blue Howlite Pendant

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Immerse yourself in the protective embrace of the Eternal Tranquility Dreamcatcher, a piece that marries traditional craftsmanship with symbols of peace, health, and longevity. This classic circular dreamcatcher captures the essence of serenity through its harmonious blend of colors and materials, from the soothing blues and natural woods to the gentle caress of its feathers in hues of blue, green, brown, and iridescent black. Central to its design is a calming blue howlite pendant, surrounded by an array of beads that tell a story of balance and healing, including two wood beads shaped like the Wu Lou or bottle gourd, an emblem of good health and long life.

Eternal Tranquility Dreamcatcher with Blue Howlite Pendant



  • Classic Circular Design: The traditional circle symbolizes the cycle of life, the sun, and the moon, serving as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the continuous flow of energy.
  • Varied Beads: A mix of materials and colors, including blues and woods, adds depth and diversity to the dreamcatcher, representing the varied tapestry of life’s experiences and the beauty in diversity.
  • Super Soft Feathers: Feathers in shades of blue, green, brown, and iridescent black not only add an aesthetic touch but are also believed to gently guide good dreams to the sleeper below.
  • Blue Howlite Pendant: Known for its calming properties, the blue howlite at the dreamcatcher’s center aids in soothing the mind and emotions, fostering a peaceful sleep environment.
  • Wu Lou Beads: These special wood beads, resembling the bottle gourd, are symbols of health, healing, and longevity, imbuing the dreamcatcher with additional layers of meaning and purpose.


  • Promotes Restful Sleep: Crafted to bring peace and tranquility to your sleeping space, encouraging restorative sleep and pleasant dreams.
  • Spiritual and Physical Well-being: Beyond its beauty, this dreamcatcher is a talisman of health and longevity, supporting both your spiritual journey and physical wellness.
  • Decorative Elegance: With its unique blend of colors and textures, it stands as a captivating piece of decor, enriching any room with its aesthetic appeal and symbolic depth.

Ideal For:

  • Those seeking a symbol of protection, peace, and health to enhance their living space or sleeping area.
  • Individuals attracted to traditional spiritual tools with a modern twist, appreciating the blend of cultural symbols and metaphysical properties.
  • Collectors and admirers of handcrafted decor that not only beautifies the space but also serves a deeper, meaningful purpose.

Let the Eternal Tranquility Dreamcatcher be a beacon of calm and a guardian of health in your home, weaving together the strands of tradition and the essence of serenity into your nightly retreat.