Tibetan Buddha in Midnight Silver - 15 Inches Tall

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15-Inch "Midnight Silver" Tibetan Buddha

A Majestic Symbol of Inner Peace and Enlightenment

Elevate your spiritual sanctuary with our 15-inch "Midnight Silver" Tibetan Buddha, a captivating representation of serenity and inner peace. Crafted from high-quality resin, this statue features a deep black finish contrasted by striking silver robes, hair, and the flame of enlightenment.


  • Deep Black Finish: The Buddha's skin is finished in a deep, rich black, adding a layer of mystique and elegance to the piece.

  • Striking Silver Accents: The robes, hair, and flame are adorned in a striking silver, symbolizing purity and divine wisdom.

  • Half-Lotus Pose: The Buddha sits in a serene half-lotus pose, hands resting in his lap, palms facing upwards—a symbol of receptivity and inner peace.

  • Mirror-Adorned Sash: The sash features diamond-shaped mirrors that not only add a touch of mystique but also symbolize clarity and enlightenment.


  • Half-Lotus Pose: This seated position is commonly used in meditation and represents a state of inner tranquility.

  • Mirrors: The diamond-shaped mirrors on the sash serve as spiritual symbols, representing clarity and enlightenment.

Ideal For:

  • Meditation Spaces
  • Spiritual Centers
  • Living Rooms
  • As a Gift for Spiritual Enthusiasts

Care Instructions:

  • Gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth to maintain its luster.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture to preserve the intricate details.