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A Year of Magic and Growth: The Sacred Crystals Story.

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Dear Sacred Family,

Under the glow of a selenite lamp, I am writing to you with immense joy and appreciation in my heart. This week marks a significant milestone for all of us at Sacred Crystals - our first anniversary!

One year ago, we set out on a magical journey, opening our doors in Tyrone Square with a dream to share the metaphysical knowledge and crystal energy with our community. It was a dream fueled by a passion for spiritual alignment and a desire to help others manifest their highest potential. We have held that intention close to our hearts and every day since we've seen our dream grow and radiate outwards, like an amethyst geode facing the front door!

Our journey didn't stop there. As the new year dawned, we branched out to Renaissance Fairs, spreading our love for crystals from The Brevard Renaissance Fair in January to the Bay Area Renaissance Fair February to April, connecting with so many wonderful souls and experiencing unforgettable moments of shared joy and enlightenment.  Our teammate Crystal almost ran away with the fair, but the crystals called her home, thank goodness.  

Then, in a magical twist, we were approached by Westshore Plaza in May to open a location in their center. With a whirlwind of excitement, we took inspired action and allowed the universe to conspire in our favor to open a second store by late June, a testament to our alignment and the magnetic allure of the spiritual journey we share with all of you.

Was this really just a year?  Did we really go from zero to here that quickly?  I did write it down that way so so mote it be, right?  You can read a little about that journey here SHIFT

We look back on this year with so much appreciation, feeling blessed for every step that led us here. 

And there are so many behind the scenes heroes that have made this journey possible as well!  The reason I say "we" often is that I have done none of it alone.  From day one I have had a team and an advisory panel around me that has supported my vision and gone above and beyond to help Sacred Crystals grow and become what it is today - and we are still expanding that vision everyday. 

Your unwavering support, your shared passion for the spiritual realm, and the light you bring into our stores and our lives every day inspires us to keep expanding and creating.

Namaste, In Lak'ech ala K'in, Blessed Be, Aho,


Ps. Thanks for being a part of this Journey!  

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