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A 10 year journey through it to find the best version of me

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For starters, this is a story of gratitude.

And a story of acceptance.

And a story of forgiveness.

And a story of strength.

I, Vero Bero, founder and former co-owner of the Bodhi Tree have been pushed out of the company I started 10 years ago because my ex who started the company with me has decided to take it and has made steps to try to ensure he can while burying me in debt and cutting me off from all income.  AND ITS OK.

There are so many things to be grateful for though I know that many in my situation would not be able to see it and especially not while still smack in the middle of it.  And I am smack in the middle of it.

I am in the middle of a vicious, nasty and by all means UGLY divorce.  The relationship has been mostly dead since it started but my experience with great teachers and mentors like Tony Robbins and Abraham Hicks had me take some moments to give it all I had.  I thought that if I put myself into it completely and was 100% there - maybe I could have the relationship I desired.  I found the good wherever I could.  I thought I was there for a reason - it had to be a divine plan.  

Maybe it was, because here I sit grateful to be free of it but also grateful for all I learned along the way.  I would not change where I am right now. I know I can truly do anything - I am capable and I have what it takes to be successful.

I accept that my life was derailed, but I also accept that it had to be for me to end up here.  And here is the best place ever.  

I forgive myself for being in the situation I was in.  I forgive myself for trying to make it right when I knew it was wrong.  I forgive myself for changing myself to try to make pieces of two different puzzles fit together.

I forgive him.  I ask his higher self to find peace and contentment and I wish for him to find joy and love in his life.  I pray he breaks the shackles of his anger and resentment and can live in peace.

I have finally found the strength to move on.  The strength inside to break the chains of an abusive relationship.  The strength to speak up because not all abuse is physical and leaves a mark.  Isolation is abuse.  Withholding any affection is abuse.  Forced affection is abuse.  Saying without them you are nothing is abuse.  Controlling all finances completely is abuse.  Control by abandonment is abuse. Tracking movement, cheating, gaslighting - all abuse.  Abuse leaves one feeling so uncertain and while the normal person with healthy relationships sees this as foolish - why don't you just leave?  The survivors will tell you it is not that easy.  Abuse feels like a slow dismantling of all that you are and the uncertainty is so hard to get around.  That's why this is a story of strength.  It took 4 years but I found mine.

Now with that strength I look to all the people over the years that have experienced any suffering due to action or inaction on my part and I say ho'oponopono - I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you. I love you.

And from my space of gratitude and love I am bringing to the world Sacred Crystals, SacredCrystals.Rocks. Sacred Crystals is an online store currently but it is also my course on working with Crystals and Retreats to learn about Crystals and dive into our own sacred spirituality.  I also help people who wish to open their own metaphysical shops.

Thank you for reading - I am blessed and honored.

Life is beautiful - especially when we focus on #RightNow because the present is all that exists.

PS. Please watch for our upcoming podcast that is intended to help those in abusive situations to move past them. 

I Survived Hurricane Narcissist

We are manifesting it right now - please contact info@sacredcrystals.rocks if you feel called to contribute

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