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Monthly Full Moon ~ June 2022

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Monthly edition of Sacred Crystals Full Moon report June 2022

The Strawberry SuperMoon of June


The start of our Lunar Calendar this month lasted 2 days

June 13th and June 14th

Other nicknames for this moon:

Strawberry Moon ~ gather the ripened strawberries .. not nicknamed for the color of the moon

Berries Ripen Moon ~ for its berry abundance (lol)

Blooming Moon or Rose Moon ~ for its floral blooming abundance

Green Corn Moon / Hoer Moon / Planting Moon ~ tending time for new crops

Birth Moon / Egg Laying Moon / Hatching Moon ~ signifying a time of many animal babies, as well as, rebirth of the Earth after cold winter

Hot Moon ~ I’m not exactly sure, but being in Florida writing this, I think I have a really good idea!!lol

Mead Moon or Honey Moon ~ signifying a time of many marriages (June Moon is supposed to be lucky for marriages) .. Mead is a wine-based drink also made with Honey.. And I do believe they used to harvest Honey from the bees in June

  • The “Honeymoon” after your wedding … maybe that’s where the term “Honeymoon” derives from

This is the first of three (3) summer SuperMoons! But the second Supermoon of 2022.

We can see the Full Moon when the Earth is seated directly in the middle of the Sun and the Moon.

Sometimes we hear people asking: " is there a Full Moon tonight " when they encounter extreme behaviors in others around them or in society. Lets take a deeper look as to why that is:

If you ask me, the Full Moon can most certainly affect our senses and emotions, so if we don't make a conscious effort to channel our minds in a positive direction, we can easily be swept up in the tides of rash decisions or behaviors.

These monthly Full Moon reports are here to assist you in remembering all the fun witchy rituals and ceremonies involved with the Full Moon, and to assist you with your medication intentions.

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Because the Full Moon is so magnificent and has been watched over since people see, humans have:

Recorded the moon and its cycles

Scheduled haircuts around the moon cycles

Scheduled agricultural farming and harvesting around the moon

Many cultures have named the moon cycles (often times to track seasons)

It is claimed to give strength and power, even in the movies

  • Example: I’m sure you've seen or heard of a werewolf movie, one in which the human is changed into a beast that is stronger and more powerful and unstoppable ~ but only during the Full Moon

Metaphysical folk, like myself, consider the Full Moon a very mystical time, a time to put your intentions and goals In order. Some people even say that the barrier between the spirit world is thinned during the Full Moon, and can clear blocks from different levels of conciseness.

  • Funny example that just popped into my head: the movie The Last Air Bender

Astrological Dealings *Sagittarius*

This month, the Full Moon is in Sagittarius.

What does this mean?

Out with the old! Free yourself from past ties, find forgiveness to be able to move on, throw away or donate any old items that are no longer needed in your home or your space.

  • For example: if you work in the office and you have a printed picture of something that was silly to you, but now you don't look at it much anymore, time to throw it away or replace it and refresh your space. Donate some old clothing that you were "maybe saving for next season" when you know that you're totally not going to wear that again.

This also means it is a great time to complete an unbinding ceremony with candles.

See our blog / newsletter for details on:

Unbinding Ceremony

Full Moon in Sagittarius also means that you might find yourself conflicting with others around you a little more this week.

Heed the warnings of old, do not make serious decisions during this Full Moon and do not let your anger get a-hold of your emotions. You must maintain emotional balance for this Full Moon. Any decisions made out of spite or anger could just be the Sagittarius Moon running away with your emotions. Allow yourself to have patience by noticing your level of annoyance.

Avoid conflicts and aggression, think before making any decisions during this time period.


What can you do:

Make time for yourself and self reflection

Read that book at your bedside that's been collecting a little dust these days

Find something that you're interested in and do a little more research

Tidy up around your home or your space, this will also be a calming project with sense of accomplishment

See our blog / newsletter on:

Different forms of Meditation

Bring out the colored pencils, paint and crayons ~ find calming meditation in art

  • Even if you don't necessarily like the end product, feel free to enjoy yourself and express yourself along the way

Yoga and breathing techniques

  • Even if you’re not a Yogi, if you only complete it just this once a month on the Full Moon ~ you’re well on your way!

Surround yourself with positive friends or family

  • Ensure your crew knows that you plan on having a Tea-Free or Drama-Free evening of fun, creative, meditative, dancing, and positive Lunar energy, maybe makeup a rule for anyone who breaks the Drama-Free code has do something terrible …. Like dishes!

Buy white flowers and wear white clothing

Be outside for the Full Moon & feel its energy charge you up ~ allow yourself to be recharged

  • This month it rises between 8pm-9pm from where I am standing, if you need to know the Moon Rising Time for your location, feel free to [contact us] and we would love to help you out!

Full Moon Rituals and Full Moon Ceremonies

As with any Ritual or Ceremony, do not approach the situation with doubt or skepticism, respect the process and the entity that you are asking for help.

Be in a positive and meditative state of mind, feel an expression of gratitude

Make any requests straight from the heart, approach it with an outline if you need to

Cleanse yourself under the Full Moon

Cleanse your Crystals, Stones and Fossils under the Full Moon

Cleanse your jewelry under the Full Moon ~ especially your jewelry with Crystals

Charge up some coins / loose change with the Lunar Energy then keep it tucked in your wallet, purse, or bag to bring monetary success (highly recommend pairing with money friendly crystals)

See our blog / newsletter on:

Crystals for Money and Success

Take a bath with oils, flowers and candles, or take dip in a body of water (outdoor pool, ocean, lake, river, etc .. but be careful for whatever lives in that water)

Make Moon Water that can later be used for many different Rituals or Ceremonies or simply to drink in the Full Moon Energy

Ask the Moon / Universe to help you get rid of things like: bad habits, past ties, illness, etc ..

Ask the Moon / Universe to bring on to you: your goals, wants, pure intentions, etc ..

Make your own endearing ritual or ceremony that unlocks your personal peace, happiness and success ~ utilize your personal magic and imagination!

Thank the Moon / Universe for watching over you and giving its renewing and cleansing energy

See our blog / newsletter for more in-depth Ritual and Ceremony. Also find some personal stories.

Full Moon Rituals and Full Moon Ceremony

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