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The Inspired Life...

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So much is happening right now.  There is a part of me that once upon a time would have wanted to crawl in a hole feeling all the happenings and feeling overwhelmed.  That's the beauty of a spiritual journey.  What was once is no more as the myriad of choices and possibilities is no longer calling in overwhelm, but instead calling in inspiration.  So much so that my first thought was to share it with the sacred family.

Inspiration has also changed for me as I have done the work - work that I like to call play - the play of letting go of attachments and focusing on the only connection that truly matters, the connection with the divine self.  Inspiration leads to action, or inspired action to play this life game in new and interesting ways.  Sometimes, like now, there are so many paths of inspired action that I can't possibly do all of them right now, and that is ok.  I will do what feels best right now and all of it will get done as it gets done.

Of course, there is also the divine wisdom that says you will never get it done.  After all, what is DONE anyway.  The joy is in the journey - or so they say.  Well, they are onto something.  The act of love making without the build up of foreplay is absolutely boring.  So is the getting of anything you ever wanted without the fun of getting to the getting part.

My personal journey manifested a successful business.  Created, imagined, loved into existence, a rockin' fun journey with some bumps I barely remember all gone through with those closest to me.  Manifested.  Okay, Next? 

Well Next is more fun, more creating, more rockin' good times with the Sacred team and that's all followed by more and more and more.  And then there is the more I haven't even started yet.  And we are all doing this.  There is so much that we have dreamed into existence that we may not even realize is there.  But it is there.  And one day the inspired action will kick start that journey and BOOM watch out!  There is a new journey with new fun along the way!

So how do we humans face an endless amount of opportunity and allow ourselves to open up to source and let what is inspired flow through so that we might not only enjoy this life journey, but truly live our best life along the way?  Well, to quote Joseph Campbell, follow your bliss.  Sounds trite but he was a genius.  If you simply care more about feeling good than about anything else you will find your way on a journey of inspiration.  You will be swinging through the jungle like Tarzan and the vines are just one joyous opportunity after another - gliding along in perfect flow.


Life is a never-ending tapestry of choices, opportunities, and experiences. The key to living an inspired life lies not in the destination but in the journey itself. Just like you, we all have the power to manifest our dreams into reality, to turn our inspirations into actions. The beauty of it all is that there's no "done"; there's only more to explore, more to create, and more to enjoy. So, let's embrace the infinite possibilities that life offers, and let's do it with joy, love, and a sense of divine playfulness.

Call to Action

Now, it's your turn, Sacred Family! How are you living your inspired life? What dreams have you manifested, and what's next on your journey? Share your stories, your inspirations, and your aspirations with us. Let's co-create a community that thrives on inspiration and divine connection. And if you're looking for tools to enhance your journey, come visit us at Sacred Crystals. Together, let's swing through this jungle of life, from one joyous vine to another, in perfect flow.

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